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For 40 years, the Fraser Soccer Club has offered soccer players throughout Macomb County an environment to learn and train in a quality soccer program.

Too many times today we hear the word development used as a cliche by clubs that are in the "business of soccer". With outrageous fees and the nickel and dime approach once they reel you in, and the continued empty promises of college scholarships, these clubs are in it for the money. No different than the grocery store down the road.

FSC's reason is simple....the kids. Our philosophy, results in real development, providing players with the appropriate curriculum for the ages and stages in youth development. Our High Performance Coaching approach allows for our players to learn in a Growth Mind Set environment. With a continuing education program for our Coaches and Parents, we don't just talk the talk we walk the walk.

FSC has been a stable in the soccer community for over 40 years! The proof is in the longevity of the club.  With programs from the youngest little ones all the way to the High School graduate, we have a deliberate and methodical player development pathway. 

FSC is proud to be a non-profit organization and we invite you to check out our incredible program and return often to our fresh, current and informative FSC Community Information Center.
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