About us

About Us

For OVER 30 years, the Fraser Soccer Club has offered soccer players throughout the area an environment to learn and train in a quality soccer program.

The Fraser Soccer Club (FSC) is made up of people from Fraser along with many people who travel miles from many other cities to participate. There are many reasons why people are part of this club, just ask one of them. FSC is a non-profit organization and is run by many qualified FSC Team Officials, Volunteers and Board Members.

FSC proudly claims a membership of THOUSANDS of local soccer players that have been through our recreational and select programs. Many of these players have continued through high school programs and numerous players have continued on to successfully play for a wide range of college teams. Our FSC Members will tell you that all the heart of our coaches, volunteers and board members go into working with these soccer players, and their success shows it to be true.

The Fraser Soccer Club invites you to check out our incredible program and return often to our fresh, current and informative FSC Community Information Center.



Donations Accepted

Fraser Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 and accepts donations which are tax deductible for you.