Coach Profile:
Rod Burnette
Level Inactive

Rod has been coaching with Fraser Soccer since 2002. Rod has been a part of the Board of Directors since 2006 and is currently the Vice President of FYSC.

Rod grew up in Northern California and is a US Navy veteran. Rod has been a Michigan resident since 1992. He is married with two daughters who attend Fraser High School. His daughters play both Club and High School soccer.

When not coaching soccer, Rod is a film editor and a disc jockey for Music Box Productions. Rod and his wife has owned and operated Music Box since 1994.

Rod’s coaching philosophy is that instruction takes place at practice. Practice sessions are fun, technical and physically challenging. Laughter at all practices is a must. Mental toughness and belief in one’s self is what makes a great soccer player. A good portion of a soccer season is the reinforcement of that mental training along with vigorous conditioning. Games are for exhibiting those learned skills and he allows his players to problem solve in order to achieve the best outcome.

Rod is an “E” Licensed coach and will be completing his “National D” license in 2013.

Players that have been on any of Rod’s teams know that individual efforts translate into an excellent team. Players are held accountable for anything that may take away from the integrity of that unit. Working as one on the soccer field is a life lesson to carry to the work force as an adult.

Visit Fraser Motion’s Facebook page for a better look into his current team:

U17G Motion Fall 2013


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